Kickstart your innovation

The digital innovation tool PRE.DO lets you engage all employees in the idea work and helps you progress your innovation.

PRE.DO provides you with insights and overviews of your innovation effort
– and makes collaboration on ideas easy!

The idea journey in PRE.DO starts with someone registering his or her idea. This can be done in many ways:

  • All ideas can be entered directly in PRE.DO in an open browser window.

  • Sending an email the details about it to also registers the idea in PRE.DO.

  • Many organizations also use our PRE.DO web capture form on for instance their website, intranet or similar where ideas can be gathered widely from within or outside the organization.

    The registrations can be done with text, images, drawings, attachments, etc.

In PRE.DO you will find a variety of tool that guides you 360 degrees around your ideas.

The tools will help you get an overview of important areas like marketing, users, value creation etc.

In PRE.DO you will also find a simple budgeting tool as well as a timeline tool.

There are other exciting features in PRE.DO which can help you in your process of strengthening your idea. These features enables you to:

  • Draw
  • Add spreadsheets or text files
  • Add images

Using PRE.DO you can collaborate on ideas across timezones. This ensures a possibility of continuously improving and moving the ideas forward – at any time and any place. For example, you may want to avoid inactivity due to travel activity or shifted working hours. Collaboration is supported in many forms:

  • Invite experts or other relevant persons to the individual idea so that they can help strengthen the idea.

  • Flexibility to invite individuals as well as your entire team into the idea.

  • If needed invite external parties – such as suppliers or customers – to some ideas in order for them to contribute with their input.

  • Discussions are often what makes ideas develop and so naturally it is also possible to discuss ideas in PRE.DO.

When an organization succeeds with innovation, many ideas are created and one of the most important things will be to gain momentum in the innovation. All too often, many good ideas are lost, for the sole reason that they are not moved forward.

Therefore, you can use PRE.DO as a kind of funnel for the organization’s ideas, where you can simply drag the individual idea through phases, actively moving them forward.

There is also the opportunity to rate the ideas and get an overview through a sorting of these ratings.

Finally, you can tag the individual idea. The tag function in PRE.DO is used for both categorizing the ideas, but also for gaining an overview of the strategic direction of innovation.

Avoid all the hassle and hard work of creating a presentation of your ideas – in e.g. PowerPoint or other slide tools – when you move on to presenting the ideas to the management, board or other interested parties.

PRE.DO autogenerates a digital presentation of the content you have already put into the idea.

Do you need to make a wider presentation, the PRE.DO idea overview can also be used as an online idea directory where employees, coworkers or other collaborators can follow the development of the ideas described in the system.

Register ideas quickly and easily

Ide generering kan foregå forud, eller direkte i PRE.DO imens ideerne registreres.

Collaborate on ideas throughout the organization

Radikal innovation kan udfoldes gennem samarbejde i organisationen

Auto generate presentations and share with others

Indblik, overblik og idestyring resultere i PRE.DO med en indbygget præsentation

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