Google’s 8 rules for running a great meeting

At PRE.DO we gather inspiration from a lot of different innovative players in the market and one of the great inspirations is of course Google. Google has developed a set of meeting guidelines to turn “demoralizing time wasters” into opportunities for efficient organization and morale boosting. The guidelines include eight rules for running a great meeting and the third rule is:

Meetings used for sharing information or brainstorming still need owners

But – what does this have to do with PRE.DO and working with ideas? Let’s look into that.

Google’s third rule basically means that if you take a loose approach to meetings that is based on idea dispersal or generation, what might seem to be a fun session on paper more often than not it becomes just another waste of time. At least if the goal is to secure an efficient decision making process. Sometimes it makes sense to dedicate entire meetings to brainstorming and collaboration on ideas, but this requires that you are aware of the purpose of that meeting and that someone has the responsibility of ‘carrying’ the ideas forward.

It also means that if you come prepared and ready to present an idea at a meeting, displaying pros and cons as well as opportunities and weaknesses, the meeting will run more smoothly, be more efficient and will speed up your decision making process.

PRE.DO ensures that there is an owner on every idea and that it will be made easy to present this idea. Once you have worked through different perspectives of the idea in PRE.DO you simply need to click a button and the presentation will be auto generated. No extra work needed!

You’ll find more details about the auto generated presentations in PRE.DO on our “How to PRE.DO” page.

Google’s eight rules are as follows

1  Every meeting needs a leader

2  The meeting needs a clear purpose and structure

3  Meetings used for sharing information or brainstorming still need owners

4  Have a meeting only if it’s necessary

5  Don’t include more than eight people

6  Include only the necessary people, and no more

7  Strictly follow time constraints

8  Be fully present in the meeting


Co-creators Wanted

As we are moving on and are almost at the stage where we will be testing our PRE.DO prototype we are searching for co-creators.

As a co-creator you and/or your company will try out PRE.DO before it hits the market. Once the software is released you will be able to easily implement the platform in your everyday work since you already know the features, tools and methods and what benefits they will bring to your work process.

You will be the one to influence the direction of the product and will get a unique insight in the development process.

Sounds interesting? Please contact us right away if you would like to get more information about this opportunity.

The PRE.DO User Interface

Developing and perfecting the user interface and user experience of a product like PRE.DO is one of the most important tasks when bringing a software product to market.

At the moment we are working on creating a user interface that is easy to use and still provides the user with a wide variety of options and features.

PRE.DO is still at an early stage and we are focusing on giving the users easy access to basic functions. So far the platform provides access to:

  • Naming the idea
  • Attaching related image to idea
  • Attaching related file to idea
  • Sketching and attaching a simple drawing to idea
  • Adding a brief description to idea
  • Rating the idea (from gut feeling)
  • Inviting others to collaborate on the individual ideas (sharing)
  • Chat on the individual idea

Furthermore, you can see when the idea was created and you can sort the ideas manually.

We are of course also working intensely on integrating some of the tools and methods that will assist you in testing and enriching your idea.

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