Terms & Conditions

This page is written by lawyers who have a lot of reservations so the wording may have a slightly negative appearance, although this is in no way comparable to our approach to offering a user-friendly idea platform. We would like to make our customers happy by offering them a flexible online software.

PRE.DO ApS will in these terms and conditions be identified by “we”, “us” or “our”. Our terms and conditions are applied to any PRE.DO ApS software, service or any product, including updates that you use as long as a contract or a subscription plan is valid with us. AI software, products and services in these terms and conditions are referred to as “service”.

Kindly be aware that we do not give any guarantees for this service. These terms and conditions limit our responsibility as well.

Last revised on the 16th of June 2019.


PRE.DO’s current prices and specifications can be found on the Homepage. All prices are in US Dollars excluding VAT.

PRE.DO reserves the right to change the subscription prices and specifications with a 1 month notice, but no earlier than the following invoice from PRE.DO to the customer.

PRE.DO guarantees that no increases in prices are made on existing modules at the time of subscription, in addition to increases corresponding to the increase in the net price index.

Current prices for consultancy, custom development and other services, etc. will be provided directly to the customer before an agreement is made.

Billing and payment terms

PRE.DO sends an invoice to the customer. the payment frequency chosen by the Customer and the time of the Subscription. Invoice and possible reminders are sent by e-mail to the Customer’s chosen e-mail address. If the Customer changes his or her e-mail address, the Customer is to inform PRE.DO.
Payment is to be  made at the latest 8 days after the invoice date (herafter “Due Date”). If the invoice is not paid on time, PRE.DO has the rights deriving from the rules of the interest law, unless otherwise stated in the Terms. PRE.DO sends the first reminder at the earliest 10 days after the Due Date. If the invoice is still not paid, a second reminder is sent at the earliest 10 days after the first reminder. PRE.DO charges a fee of 25 USD pr. reminder. PRE.DO, the principal imposes interest on interest rates of 1.5% per. month from Due Date. Interest is attributable to the principal and interest. If the requirement is transferred to debt collection, the rules of the Interest Act will also be followed.
If PRE.DO does not receive the payment within 7 days after the second reminder has been sent, PRE.DO can suspend the Client’s access to the Application. The Client does not get a refund for the periods when access to the Application is suspended. Access is again available after receive of payment, unless PRE.DO has cancelled the agreement in the meantime.


Operation, updates and improvements

PRE.DO strives for maximum operational stability, but is not responsible for operational disturbances caused by factors beyond PRE.DO’s control. This means amongst others, power failure, network equipment failure, network connection, or similar.

PRE.DO reserves the right to temporarily restrict or interrupt access to the Application in special cases, including due to operational or security conditions, e.g. for replacing technical equipment or software updates. PRE.DO always tries to restore normal operation as soon as possible. Such interruptions will preferably be placed outside the daytime hours.

PRE.DO intends and is entitled to continuously update and improve the Application. PRE.DO is not obliged to update and improve Individual Solutions unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Intellectual Property Rights
All Intellectual Property Rights to the Application, including Individual Solutions, such as copyrights and trademark rights, as well as rights under the Marketing Act, belong to PRE.DO. The Customer acquires no ownership over the Application.

PRE.DO does not deliver the source code of the Application, including Individual Solutions, to the Customer, and the Customer is not entitled himself or with foreign assistance, in any way to seek familiarizing himself with the source code, or to copy the Application.

Customer is not entitled to disclose, lease, lend or otherwise assign his right of use in accordance with the Subscription to third parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing with PRE.DO.

PRE.DO’s logo and other features shall not be removed from the Application.

Upon termination of the Subscription, no matter the reason, the right of use of the Application ceases at the same time, including the right to use Individual Solutions, unless otherwise agreed with PRE.DO.

PRE.DO reserves the right to reuse the program code for individual solutions in other contexts; including special development of apps and integration solutions, as this belongs to PRE.DO.

The customer’s own data in the Application
The Customer owns the inserted data in the Application and can freely dispose it. The Customer’s data will be deleted earliest 60 days after the cancellation of theSubscription, after which PRE.DO has no obligation to store the Customer’s data.
PRE.DO makes a backup of the Customer’s data once a day. PRE.DO can recreate a backup for a fee of 300 USD pr. recreated backup. Backup can only be recreated one month back in time.
PRE.DO collects, as far as possible, a limited amount of personal data about you in order to deliver an optimal digital solution. With your use of the Application, you grant us permission to process your personal data in accordance with these terms and conditions.
At PRE.DO, we acknowledge that you may want to keep the personal data you provide online confidential and we are aware that we are obliged to ensure adequate protection and responsible processing of all of the personal data we receive.
If you choose to use the Application and thereby accept that we store personal data, you are entitled to gain insight into the information we have collected about you and to object to registered information and the processing of your personal data. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you have the right to request correction or having it deleted.
If you would like to know more or change the information you gave us, you are welcome to contact PRE.DO ApS by sending a mail to support@pre.do. PRE.DO is always obliged to comply with the legislative requirements for the protection of privacy. At the top of our terms, you can always see when they were last updated.
If you have questions or comments about our confidentiality policy or how we use your personal data, you are welcome to contact us through e-mail at support@pre.do or through the phone at +45 2828 7878.
The Customer’s responsibility

The Customer is responsible for compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including the lawful application of the Application. The customer is also responsible for getting acquainted with and complying with PRE.DO’s security policy. The Customer is obliged to hold PRE.DO harmless for any relationship attributable to any breach of this.

PRE.DO’s remediation and obligation

In case of flaws and errors  in the Application the customer can not demand any actions taken or any form of compensation other than rectification, except from annulment, in case PRE.DO has made a severe breach of the obligations as described in relation to the Subscription. Unless otherwise stated the Customer hereby irrevocably withdraws from any rights to demand other than the above stated.   

PRE.DO is committed and entitled to seek defects in the Application are repaired within 10 days after the Customer has given written notification hereof . If there is a significant problem and PRE.DO cannot repair it within 10 days after the Customer has given notification , the Customer will be refunded the amount paid for the Subscription for the time beyond the 10 days it takes PRE.DO to remedy the shortcoming.

PRE.DO’s responsibility

You can only be compensated for direct damages corresponding to your service membership fee corresponding to 1 month by PRE.DO or any related companies. Any possible derived consequences of the damage is not covered by PRE.DO ApS, amongst others, loss of profile, special, indirect, incidental or damages related to punishment.

PRE.DO is liable for loss under the general rules of Danish law, subject to the limitations set forth in the Terms.

PRE.DO cannot be held liable for losses incurred as a result of simple negligence.

PRE.DO ApS is only responsible for the Application. PRE.DO is not responsible for and gives no guarantee for the Customer’s and third party standard software, products, materials, tools and methods, which the Customer uses with the Application, or for these to work together.

If the performance of PRE.DO’s obligations is prevented or delayed due to force majeure, lack or delay in delivery from subcontractors, or otherwise because of PRE.DO’s non-compliance, PRE.DO is not liable to the Customer. PRE.DO is in such cases entitled to suspend Customer access to the Application until the performance impairment has ceased.

Annulment & termination

In the event of material breach of the Subscription, the non-defaulting party may terminate the agreement. As examples of material breach, 1) PRE.DO cannot rectify significant defects in the Application within 60 days of Customer’s written complaint, 2) Customer has breached payment obligation for 30 days from the due date of the invoice, or 3) Customer is using the Application unlawfully or contrary to the Terms.

Prior to termination, however, the non-defaulting party shall notify the defaulting party in writing about the reason for the cancellation and give it a period of 10 days to remedy the default if the default can be rectified by its nature.

Changes to Subscription conditions

We can revise our Subscription conditions at any time. When we change our Subscription conditions you will be notified about the changes as well as the enforcement, via the e-mail you have provided us.

If you do not wish to be bound to the updated Subscription Terms, you are to unsubscribe before the updated Subscription Terms comes into force. We will always provide a notice of at least 30 days before the updated Subscription Terms come into force.

Law and jurisdiction

Any dispute that may arise in connection with the Subscription, including disputes relating to the Subscription, or the agreements deriving from it, existence, interpretation or validity, shall be settled under Danish law at the courts in Aalborg, Denmark.