From brainstorming to well tested bottom lines in just a few days

 After-work meeting

Date: September 5th 2018
 3 pm – 5 pm

Hasseris Bymidte 6, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark

Redmark and PRE.DO co-create competetive advantages in the form of concrete products, and turns brainstorms into well tested bottom lines in just a few days. Take advantage of this opportunity to get a rare insight  into how the accounting firm Redmark and PRE.DO, have kickstarted innovation within the accounting business.

Digitization and innovation
Innovation and digitization are urgent matters for all companies. Now you have the chance to get insights into how the accountancy firm Redmark and PRE.DO, with their digital innovation tool, is boosting innovation within the company and through that achieving competitive advantages in the form of concrete products.

Come and hear how the Digitization Manager at Redmark, Hans Peter Lybæk, perceives the grand challenges of innovation combined with culture. Both internally as well as externally of the firm.

Hans Peter Lybæk is also going to expand on how Redmark in pratice creates synergy between innovation and digitization, and through this, moves up and joins the best of the innovative and digitized firms in Denmark.

From ideas to business
The keynote is assisted with insights from PRE.DO about what aspects of innovation generally create the biggest challenges for the firms PRE.DO is working with.

Participate in this event, where Redmark and PRE.DO talk about how Redmark, through good ideas and a web-app, changes brainstorms to well tested bottom lines in just a few days.

Seize the opportunity to get a rare insight, into how Redmark and PRE.DO have kickstarted innovation, within the accounting business.

Everyone with interest in management challenges and possible solutions within digitization and innovation are welcome. Redmark is hosting the event and will also serve a small bite to eat after the event.

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