What are people actually saying about PRE.DO?

We are experiencing a massive interest in PRE.DO, but what are people actually saying about PRE.DO?

Here are a few testimonials from co-creators, partners and potential customers to give you an idea.


”PRE.DO is a groundbreaking tool for democratizing innovation in large co-operations. Many ideas suffer a sudden death when meeting the next manager level and PRE.DO will change this. It reinforces the process of idea exploration and makes innovation visible and valuable.”

Carsten Helmuth Pedersen
Product Manager
Telenor Digital

“We are team of 200 that needs to work on our ideas and create viable business cases working across 60 countries. We would buy PRE.DO in an instant If it can solve what it promises.”

Leonardo Marins
Logistics Innovation Manager
British American Tobacco

“We are super excited to be on board at this early stage of developing PRE.DO. We are scanning the market for solutions, but your approach to the problem is interesting and could potentially generate a lot of value for us”

Heidi K. Dahl Larsen
Business Development & Marketing Manager

”As a legacy media it is important that we continuously innovate our business. Innovation needs to be nurtured to survive the daily struggle with business-as-usual. PRE.DO can help us keep that focus and engage our most innovative employees.”

Mette Kjul Pedersen
Innovation Manager
Nordjyske Medier