Få kickstartet arbejdet med store og små idéer!

Deltag i gå-hjem-mødet “Idéer og innovation i virksomheder!” og få inspiration til din værktøjskasse. Find også ud af hvordan små danske og store multinationale virksomheder arbejder med idéer og innovation.

Få indblik i hvilke faldgruber du skal være opmærksom på, hvad man gør helt konkret i succesfulde virksomheder og få svaret på, om det er svært at få kickstartet idéarbejdet. Du får helt konkrete værktøjer med hjem, som gør dit fremtidige idéarbejde meget, meget nemmere.

Dagen vil også give dig mulighed for at få individuel sparring på specifikke udfordringer eller spørgsmål.


15:00   Velkomst

15:05  10 sikre måder at undgå at få gode idéer fra dine medarbejdere

15:40   Case: Fremco A/S
Fremco er en virksomhed med base i Frederikshavn, som har stor succes med resultatskabelse ud fra løbende forbedringer baseret på medarbejdernes idéer. Få indblik i processen og de konkrete resultater.

Fremco A/S fokuserer på udvikling og fremstilling af fiberblæsemaskiner og tilbehør til verdensmarkedet med en export andel på ca 90%. Læs mere om virksomheden på

15:55   Case: Google
Hør hvordan ‘giganterne’ understøtter og arbejder med innovation. Thomas Røhr Kristiansen har udviklet og udrullet Googles innovationsundervisning, som alle nye Google medarbejdere oplæres i. Hør Thomas fortælle om sine erfaringer og få inspiration til dine egne overvejelser om innovation.

16:20   Kom nemt og godt i gang med det praktiske idéarbejde i din virksomhed.

16:40   Networking samt Q&A

17:00   Tak for idag!

Fri Entré!

Hvornår? 11. December 2017, kl. 15:00 – 17:00
Hvor? NORDJYSKE, Kuppelsalen, Langagervej 1, 9220 Aalborg Ø

Tilmeld dig via formularen nedenfor.

Overview of ideas. Your choice!

Finally it’s here. Overview of your ideas in PRE.DO – as you prefer it.

We have been working on a higher level of customisation on several things in PRE.DO over the past couple of months. One of the areas that you are now able to customise is your overview of ideas.

This means that you can now choose between three settings enabling you to:

  • List your ideas with few details – namely idea title, tags and idea ‘owner’ or originator
  • View ideas in card view – with a bit more details like basic description and an image
  • List your ideas with a wide range of details – like date of creation, basic description, images/illustrations and images of the people invited to work on the idea

The buttons for changing the overview is located in the top right corner. Right above the first idea in the list or card view.

See the screen shots of the three different settings here … or even better … jump into PRE.DO and experience it for yourself!

List View in PRE.DO ↓

List View in PRE.DO

Card View in PRE.DO ↓

Card View in PRE.DO

Extended List View in PRE.DO ↓

Extended List View in PRE.DO


Try out PRE.DO … for free!

Today we reached an important milestone. Today PRE.DO went into Public Beta.

Now you can actually get access to the first basic tools and features that we have created for you so far. We have a whole lot more planned on our roadmap, but go ahead and see what you think of the first version. The first version of your new platform for working on your ideas.

The best part is that you can start out with a free version. This will give you free space for working on up to 5 ideas. You can also work on the ideas with a friend or colleague or another collaborator.

Jump on in and see what it is all about – and remember that we appreciate all the feedback get get from you!


Google’s 8 rules for running a great meeting

At PRE.DO we gather inspiration from a lot of different innovative players in the market and one of the great inspirations is of course Google. Google has developed a set of meeting guidelines to turn “demoralizing time wasters” into opportunities for efficient organization and morale boosting. The guidelines include eight rules for running a great meeting and the third rule is:

Meetings used for sharing information or brainstorming still need owners

But – what does this have to do with PRE.DO and working with ideas? Let’s look into that.

Google’s third rule basically means that if you take a loose approach to meetings that is based on idea dispersal or generation, what might seem to be a fun session on paper more often than not it becomes just another waste of time. At least if the goal is to secure an efficient decision making process. Sometimes it makes sense to dedicate entire meetings to brainstorming and collaboration on ideas, but this requires that you are aware of the purpose of that meeting and that someone has the responsibility of ‘carrying’ the ideas forward.

It also means that if you come prepared and ready to present an idea at a meeting, displaying pros and cons as well as opportunities and weaknesses, the meeting will run more smoothly, be more efficient and will speed up your decision making process.

PRE.DO ensures that there is an owner on every idea and that it will be made easy to present this idea. Once you have worked through different perspectives of the idea in PRE.DO you simply need to click a button and the presentation will be auto generated. No extra work needed!

You’ll find more details about the auto generated presentations in PRE.DO on our “How to PRE.DO” page.

Google’s eight rules are as follows

1  Every meeting needs a leader

2  The meeting needs a clear purpose and structure

3  Meetings used for sharing information or brainstorming still need owners

4  Have a meeting only if it’s necessary

5  Don’t include more than eight people

6  Include only the necessary people, and no more

7  Strictly follow time constraints

8  Be fully present in the meeting


Maximise the success rate of your ideas!

Have you ever had an idea, that you did not immediately know how to execute and bring to life? Did you write the idea down? Did you remember where you wrote it?

Did you get distracted and never got around to pursuing the idea? Did you set the time to ask yourself the right and hard questions about the realisation of the idea? Was it really a great idea that had the potential to improve your own or someone else’s life significantly?

Have you ever heard someone say “I have a great idea”, and then never hear them mention the idea again? Have you ever heard that from a colleague or employee?

Are you worried, that your company might be missing great opportunities because important ideas are forgotten or never pursued?

Are you sure you are have all the facts and aspects to complete a solid evaluation of your own or your employee’s ideas?

Then PRE.DO is the solution for you!

PRE.DO helps you uncover the potential of your ideas and assists you in convincing others of the value and viability of your ideas.


What usually happens to an idea

Often structuring and working on ideas is a fuzzy process. A lot of times ideas stay inside the head of the originator simply because no-one knows where to put the idea and work on it. So capturing and registering is a basic requirement for commencing work on any ideas, but the work often stops there.

However, the true value of an idea isn’t revealed until it is put into perspective.

This is where PRE.DO can bring a lot of value to you.


Pre.DO is used for capturing and describing your ideas.

Maybe you already use Excel sheets, e-mails or even handwritten notes to capture and describe your idea. Maybe you collect and store images in folders on your computer or phone – and maybe you already use software and apps to assist you in doing so. The questions is … what happens to your ideas once they are captured and registered? Often the idea stays here and an enormous pool of potential is lost merely because the ideas are never realized and put into effect.

PRE.DO will help you prevent this from happening.

Perspective & Context

Once your idea is captured you need to move the idea from ‘just’ being an idea to becoming a well-documented basis for decision-making. Making a decision on whether to invest in the idea in order to realize it.

In PRE.DO you are guided through a process, where your ideas are put into perspective and context – and where you can uncover potential strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, flaws, scope, possibilities, risks, requirements and threats to the idea.

PRE.DO gives you a framework for testing, elaborating and documenting the considerations that need to be done. Considerations that need to be done in order to convince others that your idea is worth investing in.

PRE.DO provides a structured process for documenting the requirements of realizing the idea.

As you are now aware of the full potential of your idea you will be able to argue for the idea to other people. You will be able to explain why it is a good idea and be prepared to answer a lot of the critical – but very likely necessary – questions that new ideas are often confronted with. This way the likelihood of success for your idea is vastly improved.

AND – PRE.DO even generates a presentation of the material you have collected and built with PRE.DO which will come in pretty handy when you go and present the idea.

YAY – Let’s PRE.DO!


Launch in August

PRE.DO Launch in August

Our Roadmap is rapidly shaping up and we are exited to share the first important dates with you. You are actually a part of the PRE.DO ’First Movers Club’, which makes you eligible for a bonus in relation to the Private Beta phase we are planning, but more about that later.

As you can see we are quite ambitious and we plan for an Alpha phase during most of July and a Private Beta during August leading up to the PRE.DO launch on August 21st. We are really excited!!!

But – what is an Alpha phase and what is a Private Beta you might ask.

During the Alpha Phase we have an early and rapidly improving version of the PRE.DO platform which we test internally.

During the Private beta we roll out the solution to a wider range of people and YOU are a part of this group of amazing people. You are the ‘first movers’. The ones that do not just follow the ‘herd’, but the ones that actually lead the herd.

As a part of our ‘First Movers Club’ you will not only be able to get your hands on PRE.DO before everyone else. You will also be able to cash in and get a substantial discount on our paid subscription that has extended functionality compared to the free account.

Keep following our news and we will be sure to tell you all about the discount and our progress with PRE.DO.

PreDo-shout-small P.S. – If you know anyone who might enjoy joining the PRE.DO Private Beta, give us a shout.

Live Testing of PRE.DO

We have taken another major step and have tested PRE.DO in a live context.

On June 8th PRE.DO was used by participants at the conference BizMedia 2017 as a tool for registering, working on and presenting ideas.

The conference BizMedia is an annual recurring event in Aalborg, Denmark, that focuses on business perspectives in relation to media-, service- and experience design. The conference this year covered aspects of empowering design negotiations and attracted 100 people. Workshops were a central part of the conference and PRE.DO was used in these workshops as a tool in relation to the work on ideas.

We enjoyed the day that gave us a lot of insights into how PRE.DO is used and adopted by the users.

YES! In the finals at SEED Discovery Day 2017

We are immensely proud to have been been awarded one of the 10 finalist spots at SEED Discovery Day 2017.

SEED Discovery Day is a pitch competition that celebrates great startups and 10 of these will present their pitch in front of a jury of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. This means that PRE.DO will be pitching for a potential 500,000 DKK investment from SEED Capital Denmark on the 10th of May in Copenhagen.

SEED Capital Denmark is the largest early stage venture fund in Denmark. They have a strategic co-operation with government-funded “Pre-Seed Innovation” for pre-seed investments which allows them to partner early with the go-getters and the passionate believers who are disrupting existing industries and building new markets.

Thanks SEED Capital Denmark for recognizing the potential – we look forward to the pitch!

When & Where?

10th of May 2017

DTU Skylab
Diplomvej, building 373A
2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Co-creators Wanted

As we are moving on and are almost at the stage where we will be testing our PRE.DO prototype we are searching for co-creators.

As a co-creator you and/or your company will try out PRE.DO before it hits the market. Once the software is released you will be able to easily implement the platform in your everyday work since you already know the features, tools and methods and what benefits they will bring to your work process.

You will be the one to influence the direction of the product and will get a unique insight in the development process.

Sounds interesting? Please contact us right away if you would like to get more information about this opportunity.

The PRE.DO User Interface

Developing and perfecting the user interface and user experience of a product like PRE.DO is one of the most important tasks when bringing a software product to market.

At the moment we are working on creating a user interface that is easy to use and still provides the user with a wide variety of options and features.

PRE.DO is still at an early stage and we are focusing on giving the users easy access to basic functions. So far the platform provides access to:

  • Naming the idea
  • Attaching related image to idea
  • Attaching related file to idea
  • Sketching and attaching a simple drawing to idea
  • Adding a brief description to idea
  • Rating the idea (from gut feeling)
  • Inviting others to collaborate on the individual ideas (sharing)
  • Chat on the individual idea

Furthermore, you can see when the idea was created and you can sort the ideas manually.

We are of course also working intensely on integrating some of the tools and methods that will assist you in testing and enriching your idea.

If you aren’t already on our mailing list we suggest you sign up to our news mails to keep updated about the progress!