Maximise the success rate of your ideas!

Have you ever had an idea, that you did not immediately know how to execute and bring to life? Did you write the idea down? Did you remember where you wrote it?

Did you get distracted and never got around to pursuing the idea? Did you set the time to ask yourself the right and hard questions about the realisation of the idea? Was it really a great idea that had the potential to improve your own or someone else’s life significantly?

Have you ever heard someone say “I have a great idea”, and then never hear them mention the idea again? Have you ever heard that from a colleague or employee?

Are you worried, that your company might be missing great opportunities because important ideas are forgotten or never pursued?

Are you sure you are have all the facts and aspects to complete a solid evaluation of your own or your employee’s ideas?

Then PRE.DO is the solution for you!

PRE.DO helps you uncover the potential of your ideas and assists you in convincing others of the value and viability of your ideas.


What usually happens to an idea

Often structuring and working on ideas is a fuzzy process. A lot of times ideas stay inside the head of the originator simply because no-one knows where to put the idea and work on it. So capturing and registering is a basic requirement for commencing work on any ideas, but the work often stops there.

However, the true value of an idea isn’t revealed until it is put into perspective.

This is where PRE.DO can bring a lot of value to you.


Pre.DO is used for capturing and describing your ideas.

Maybe you already use Excel sheets, e-mails or even handwritten notes to capture and describe your idea. Maybe you collect and store images in folders on your computer or phone – and maybe you already use software and apps to assist you in doing so. The questions is … what happens to your ideas once they are captured and registered? Often the idea stays here and an enormous pool of potential is lost merely because the ideas are never realized and put into effect.

PRE.DO will help you prevent this from happening.

Perspective & Context

Once your idea is captured you need to move the idea from ‘just’ being an idea to becoming a well-documented basis for decision-making. Making a decision on whether to invest in the idea in order to realize it.

In PRE.DO you are guided through a process, where your ideas are put into perspective and context – and where you can uncover potential strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, flaws, scope, possibilities, risks, requirements and threats to the idea.

PRE.DO gives you a framework for testing, elaborating and documenting the considerations that need to be done. Considerations that need to be done in order to convince others that your idea is worth investing in.

PRE.DO provides a structured process for documenting the requirements of realizing the idea.

As you are now aware of the full potential of your idea you will be able to argue for the idea to other people. You will be able to explain why it is a good idea and be prepared to answer a lot of the critical – but very likely necessary – questions that new ideas are often confronted with. This way the likelihood of success for your idea is vastly improved.

AND – PRE.DO even generates a presentation of the material you have collected and built with PRE.DO which will come in pretty handy when you go and present the idea.

YAY – Let’s PRE.DO!