Launch in August

PRE.DO Launch in August

Our Roadmap is rapidly shaping up and we are exited to share the first important dates with you. You are actually a part of the PRE.DO ’First Movers Club’, which makes you eligible for a bonus in relation to the Private Beta phase we are planning, but more about that later.

As you can see we are quite ambitious and we plan for an Alpha phase during most of July and a Private Beta during August leading up to the PRE.DO launch on August 21st. We are really excited!!!

But – what is an Alpha phase and what is a Private Beta you might ask.

During the Alpha Phase we have an early and rapidly improving version of the PRE.DO platform which we test internally.

During the Private beta we roll out the solution to a wider range of people and YOU are a part of this group of amazing people. You are the ‘first movers’. The ones that do not just follow the ‘herd’, but the ones that actually lead the herd.

As a part of our ‘First Movers Club’ you will not only be able to get your hands on PRE.DO before everyone else. You will also be able to cash in and get a substantial discount on our paid subscription that has extended functionality compared to the free account.

Keep following our news and we will be sure to tell you all about the discount and our progress with PRE.DO.

PreDo-shout-small P.S. – If you know anyone who might enjoy joining the PRE.DO Private Beta, give us a shout.

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