You have an idea. But where to put it? Simply put it in PRE.DO. It is easy, safe and quickly done.

You start by signing up or signing in to PRE.DO by using either your e-mail or by using your Google or Facebook account. You will be guided through this process so just follow the instructions on the screen and you will be good to go.

Click the button and PRE.DO will open in a new browser window.

bulb_offOnce you have signed in or signed up for PRE.DO move on to capturing your first idea. You do that by clicking the ‘light bulb’ button in the top left corner of the screen. When the idea is registered you can move on to describing the idea. There is a wide variety of features available in the process here. You decide yourself if you want to use text, images, draw or attach files in order to provide the best description of the idea. You also decide how much information is needed to describe the idea and when you are done describing the idea you can share it with others if you would like to. Move to the bottom of the screen to locate the sharing function. This is also the place to locate the chat function in PRE.DO if you need to discuss the idea with other people. All you have to do is to invite them into PRE.DO if they are not already users.


When you decide to start working on your idea you can get inspiration and be assisted in your process of putting the idea into context. There are several tools in PRE.DO to do just this. You can for instance dive into who will be affected by your idea, what resources are needed, who needs to work on the project, what the time frame is and much, much more. Go ahead and sign-in to see what else might be useful for your specific idea.

After putting some or all of the tools to use on your idea you are all ready for presenting it to others. You will be ready to convince others of the value and viability of your idea – and be prepared to answer a lot more questions about it than you were before. Just hit the button with the play sign located in the top left corner of the screen. PRE.DO will provide you with a ‘ready to go’ digital presentation and the beauty of it is that you don’t even need to put in any additional effort to create the presentation. PRE.DO does the work for you.

That’s it – you are all ready to go conquer the world with the presentation of your idea.


If you still feel that you need a bit more elaboration about how to use PRE.DO, you’ll find a thorough walk-through on this page.

Oh – and if you want to jump right into it – just …

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